Wednesday, March 11, 2009


WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!? This is addressed to you EDWARDS FAMILY. You stopped responding to our emails. You haven't answered our calls for days. Initially we thought you may have performed the ceremony without us, but then we saw this post on Bro. David's blog today. Kinda hard to rent out your spare bedroom and drive people to FWBC when you SHOULD BE DEAD FROM CYANIDE POISONING. What is going on? Did you have cold feet?! Are we no longer part of your plans? What happened to Edwardsville? I thought we were the next Jonestown?! If you want to break the pact, just SAY SO, but I think you owe my sister and I an explanation!! I thought we were friends TIL THE END.

Please just talk to us. We feel so distant from you.

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  1. KELLY/ASHLEE: Duddy needs to talk to you rely reeeelly bad!! Please call his sale number!